Trauma-informed Yoga

illustration of two rainbow silhouette people in yoga poses

When a person experiences trauma, often they will store it in their bodies. Yoga is a helpful way to be able to release pent up trauma and stress. It can help a person learn to calm their mind and regulate their body and emotions. Through yoga, a person learns to recognize and tolerate physical sensations and emotions, widen their "window of tolerance" and thereby regain a feeling of safety inside their body.

Some of the benefits of yoga include Improved concentration, focus, attention, reduced anxiety, and anger, reduced impact of exaggerated stress responses (fight, flight or freeze), improved emotion regulation, improved sleep, and greater relaxation.

Trauma-informed yoga is a method of teaching and any style of yoga can be trauma-informed. I offer a queer and trans affirming trauma-informed Hatha style of yoga where you won't have to worry about being misgendered or discriminated against for identifying as LGBTQ+. Everything is optional which opens up a space to listen to your body, shut out competition and distractions, and create a truly customized practice for yourself.

I am a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and studied with The Yoga & Ayurveda Center with additional training through The Prison Yoga Project.