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What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is a natural and proven technique designed to unblock and direct energy flow. Reiki is a gentle non-invasive method that strengthens the body's natural ability to heal itself. A treatment lasts about an hour. The Reiki practitioner places her hands gently and passively on different locations on or above the body. Each position is held three to five minutes. The client will be fully clothed on a massage table in a relaxed, and comfortable environment. It is a deeply rejuvenating, restorative and safe process.

Reiki is becoming more common in Western medicine and is being offered as alternative treatments in hospitals, hospice, and clinics

Reiki Benefits:

Physical Benefits:

-Reiki works on all chronic and acute illnesses, including serious problems like heart disease and cancer as well as skin problems, flu, fatigue, headaches, and back pain.

-Reduction in pain and nausea after allopathic treatments such as chemotherapy or surgery.

-Your body being more fully prepared for surgery, including using less anesthesia, and shortened recovery.

-Tissue regeneration to replace scars and burns.

-Lessening of arthritis pain, stiffness, and increased ease of movements.

-Balancing of the organs and glands and their bodily functions.

-Strengthened immune system, and improved capacity of your body’s ability to clear toxins.

-Supports pregnancy and childbirth. Many women report painless childbirth.

Mental Benefits:

-Your mind becomes calmer and less erratic

-Improved memory.

-Restful sleep with more vivid dreams during sleep.

-Increased self-confidence.

-Enhanced personal awareness.

-Deep relaxation

-Eases depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of confidence, addiction and fear-based illnesses.

-Increased intuition and creativity.

Reiki treatments should not be used as a substitute for consultation of a physician or psychotherapist, but Reiki can be used as a grounding exercise in conjunction with talk therapy.

Rates: $60/hour or $1/minute